A shower and some coincidences

By campodegelo

Camping is wonderful.
The contact with nature, freedom to do what you want, sleep when it gets dark, if time allows you to dazzle the stars, but there are some problems too.
If it is too hot your tent becomes a sauna.
If it rains, it turns a boat.
If it’s cold, you can still reverse it and put all the clothes you can.
And it was just wet the way I woke up.
Apparently I put some wrong stakes and allowed the thin but insistent rain to spread through all the clothes.
Wet then we will follow.

Simon was in the same situation and together we set out for another adventure.
The night before he had begun to show some impatience and disappointment at the short journey we had gone through, but he had a place in mind: Gulpiyuri.

Apparently a rock formation that channeled sea water into a natural pool.
I got convinced with the photos.

A short ride with a Spanish gentleman and a German motorhome that deserves more details.
A couple living on the outskirts of Cologne and recently been awarded a baby, was taking advantage of this maternity / paternity leave to travel for 3 months around Europe in a van.
And people still say I’m brave.

The paradise we sought was a farce.

Full of tourists, no water, only rocks with sand, and the worst, getting out of there would probably be tricky.
Only families and crowded cars left the scene.
Another long wait until a small young man in a yellow car makes a sign, and shortly after returning, we were grateful for another ride.
He was not supposed to go to the direction we wanted, but he decided to help anyway, leaving us in Ribadesella.
I was already in Asturias, home state of Fernando Alonso and where Oviedo is, my final destination.

However the arrival in this town took us off the main highway, and put us on the national road, linking smaller villages.
Weight on back adjusted to stick to the column, and a walk through the region, towards a more propitious place to continue.
A little lost and tired we got to a roundabout.
Just with the “Adelante por favor” sign (in front please), we got a young mother to drive us 5km across to the main road, and that was my last ride with Simon.

His initial plan to reach Galicia was not working, after 2 days and just over 300 km traveled.
Totally understandable, I gave him a piece of cardboard, we said goodbye and each stood on the side of the road to get the ride.

I must admit that a sense of competition overwhelmed me.
I wanted to get the ride before he did.
And success!
Less than twenty minutes later an Italian couple on vacation offers a space in the small vehicle.

I was waving to Gijon, but it was getting late, and this city is the largest in the state.
It would not be wise to try to put my tent there. Salvatore and his wife were confused when I said that I would go ahead and not enter Gijón.

The map had shown me a petrol station 10km after the entrance of the city. I could use the restrooms and probably find a landing place.
Grateful for the ride, I forgot the umbrella I was given the day before, but I found a bush where no one would bother me.
Another night in the middle of nowhere, with the noise of crickets, beetles, streams, and the hope for not raining.

Renovated in the morning, it was time to go to Gijón and try to get an Internet connection there.
I love being disconected to the world for a while, but I still like a good shower.
2 days washing me only in the public toilets sinks was not leaving the best of impressions, so I needed to find someone to host me.

Arriving in the city did not take long, but the couchsurfing was not cooperating.
In a cafe I began to apply, explaining my trip, and my dilemma, but no one was sensitizing to the cause.
My friend who lives in Oviedo had an acquaintance in Gijón, but he could not host me either.

The promise of a bath was going down the drain, but the third night in a row like that did not captivate me.
I decided to walk around the city. A bit of tourism and maybe someone will offer me a place to sleep.
I tried to ask people also if they knew someone who could host me, but I was misusing my luck.

I decided to break my rule and pay to sleep one night somewhere and the choice was a campsite by the sea. Rushing toward him, a little frustrated, I pass by a park and someone whistles calling me. I turn and the young German couple with their newborn son beckons and invites me to dinner together.
First a shower and then a good night with some wine, shrimps and a delicious risotto prepared by my new friends. We even took a picture together with the Polaroid.
The coincidences of life came again so I would not let myself be shaken.

Next day I would finally reach with just one more ride (42 in total) my final destination: Oviedo!

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