With a comforted heart and renewed hopes, Simon and I left Bilbao.
Large cities can offer several attractions, but also the difficulty of getting a ride inside it. Thinking about it and following the guidelines of hitchwiki.org again, we took a train and faced an empty village without a lot of traffic and the prospect of long waiting, which actually happened.
Plates with the words Santander, and “Adelante por favor” (in front), were abandoned, for the simple show of the thumb. Time and vehicles passed but the good humour has to survive it all. Until a smiling gentleman in his old, but impeccable Citröen decides to stop and to cure his curiosity. Result, a race to a nearby beach and another practical Spanish class. Muchas gracias!

The way still remained tortuous, time-consuming, and exhausting. People did not seem willing to cooperate. Hours later Gonzalo, a nice man who had already visited Brazil, carry us further, and due to the foggy weather, presents us with an umbrella and with the promise that if we could not get another ride, he would return in two hours and could take us to Santander. Holy sympathy! But it was not necessary, 5 minutes later a family helped us, until the city of the Bank (Santander), but it was possible to notice that they had no experience with hitchhikers, because they left us at the side of the road.
At that time we had been warned that hitchhiking in Spain was forbidden (to take and to give it), and trying to get a ride on its side would only aggravate the crime. We had to act fast and get out of there. Walking along the coast, jumping grids (falling back to the ground again) and cutting through the woods, we came to a shopping center. Relieved that we were not caught by the police we made a poster for the next city: Torrelavega.
I left Simon signaling to the cars and I went in search of some free Internet. Hardly the time to get a connection when the young Frenchman shouts. Another ride with Spaniards. Long live Spain!
The lady decided to help, because she imagined her son (Guillermo, who was together) in the same situation. Lovely.
It was getting late and we would have to find somewhere to sleep. Couchsurfing had not worked, so it would be time to debut the tent, but where?
I refused at the moment to pay for a camping.
Then the noble lady gives us an idea, to try the last ride of the day to San Vicente de la Barquera, where we could put the tent in a forest, appreciate the beach, the lake, the boats and a more tranquil village, that is on the northern route of the Camino de Santiago.

Last hitch of the day successfully got and there was our little charismatic paradise. A little bit further it revealed the place of our night, a vacant lot, on top of a hill, where we would not be disturbed. A 5 star hotel with cows, insects, peace and a touch of adventure.

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