Animal Farm

By campodegelo

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen! ​Distinguished members of the audience! Tonight, here, before your very eyes, we’re going to see the very best you the show of beasts!
The elephant juggler!
The seals!
Dolphins in synchronized swimming!

Since the ancient times animal exploitation is channeled into human recreation.
Fights between dogs or roosters, bullfights, or “simple” rides on the back of a camel or elephant, it does not matter. Human insensitivity is tremendous.

In certain locations in Thailand and Vietnam people try to sell birds or turtles, which crammed into small pots or cages struggles to obtain freedom. Sellers even use this argument as a marketing strategy, trying to mobilize tourists to release some coins in exchange for a better life for the poor little animals.

In India I came across monkey on leashes, who promised (or at least their owners did) a dance in exchange for money.

The absurdity is fulfilled when one gives in to this, and the arguments for it are as bad as the act itself:
– It will happen anyway, with me or without. I can not stand it, but I’ll see it anyway.

Photographs with doped tigers seem to yield several likes on social networks too.

The examples are so many that I become reticent when there is a recommendable place, as some sanctuaries of elephants in the north of Thailand, more precisely in the surroundings of Chiang Mai.

I never liked zoos. Sadness infects me by seeing such beautiful and distinct animals through the grids, even knowing that certain species no longer survive in wild habitat.

Thank you, human race!

But then I was convinced to visit the elephant sanctuary, with its various fields, animals, and the promise of a decent life. Many of them were rescued from circuses, or from ill-treatment while carrying us, damn Homo sapiens.

Bruises and marks of the past were apparent in older animals. In the middle of them a baby of 6 months, fussy and oblivious to any problem. Running, joking, splashing water on everyone.
The reaction of each of these animals with their treaties proved that it was a sanctuary, and even though it is still a form of exploitation, it is certainly much better than many of them have ever lived.

Would you recommend the visit?

I do not know.
It gave me more questions than answers.

If on the one hand there are people willing to help, there are still thousands who have a closed vision and mind to such abuses.

The ideal would be a world without the need for sanctuaries, but until then a lot of things and time will have to pass.

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