By campodegelo

So many different places, faces and paces.
So huge are the options of destinations, accommodations and transportations.

A trip can be well planned, calculated and discussed, but it can be also spontaneous and carefree. It can be made with a group, or alone. It does not matter.

Going abroad is adventurous. You face the new, and should embrace it. New culture, new customs, new food, habits, language, another approach to people.

A new currency. How much does it cost in your own country? Euro, Dollar, Real, Peso, Ruppee, Won, Dong, Yen, Lira… What is the daily rate? Is it worth to buy it?

The math is not always simple, so if you are afraid of numbers, I have a revolutionary method to show you, which works almost everywhere. An international currency known as “the beer’s price”.

After arriving at your destination, try to find a local market and there, ask for the cheapest available beer. This is going to be your base rate for everything.

What? A coffee for 2 beers? No way!

Oh my Gosh, this restaurant has an amazing menu, there are huge plates for just 3 beers.

Hold on, that giant burgers costs 6 beers, I think I am not hungry anymore.

You may like fancy and more expensive beers, but then your currency will not work properly. After all, there are just two types of good beer: the cold and the cheap!

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