Colorado, the big Adventureland

By campodegelo

Life in Thailand is already past, the mountains of Colorado are the present, and Brazil is the future. But everything tends to change over time.

Soon Brazil will be the past, Germany the present, and the horizon the future.

From the wet and hot lands of Thailand to the rocky and snowy formations of the center of the United States. From spicy and cheap food to greasy burgers and sugary donuts. From the crowd and insane traffic, to the noise of the cold and clear waters of the creek, where an elk seeks its food. From the drug war with severe penalties, to full medical and recreational legalization of marijuana.

Arriving at Denver airport, having spent 1 day with a couchsurfer in Hong Kong, I came upon a large sign indicating a dispensary.

For those who do not know, a dispensary is like a Cannabis clinic.

After the legalization in Colorado there was a certain boom in the state’s economy. After a few rides around the paradisiacal scenery we confirmed what happened. Our drivers likened the past to the present, and they smiled. In fact, how cordial and friendly are the folks of this region.

“Good Morning. How are you doing? How was the weekend? Have a great trip. “And this was just the bus driver.

Back to the dispensary.

It is possible to find the most varied products with the magic plant. Skin creams, medicines and ointments for pains, chocolates, soaps, and of course the herb itself.

Those who work there try to help you the best way possible. But firstly let’s check your ID. Under the age of 21 will not enter.

Once you have specified your intentions, whether it was for the purpose of relaxation or to become more active, we went out the front door, as if nothing wrong had happened. And it did not really happen.

I have no numbers, neither statistics. Only the conviction of several residents (of the most diverse ages, smokers or not) that exalted the tourism, the decrease of criminality, and the greater collections of taxes from the Government, that now invests in other fronts.

Should Brazil and other countries take the same initiative?

There are many differences between one place and another, between one culture and another, between one form of politics and another, but without a doubt I affirm: the only way to fight against drugs is legalization.

But only time will tell.

Kindness generates kindness

At the present moment I am sitting in front of a fireplace, in a house in the middle of the rocky mountains. Residents boast more than 300 days of sunshine per year, but if that’s true, we’ve had a bit of bad luck. Or was it good luck?

3 consecutive days of rain held us a little longer in Denver, the capital of Colorado.

Time has opened and we have gone to nature.

After hiking with Cris and Rafa (great friends from a distant Curitiba) and with Toni (the German with the charming smile) around a lake surrounded by snowy peaks, we were left at a campsite, so we could look for ideas and destinations . We were in Black Hawk, one of the oldest cities in the state. Remembering the Western movies, with historical hints, the small village was very inviting, and behold in the center of it another dispensary. The past finding the present.

National parks, forests, climbs, altitude and dry air. Each step has to be given with caution and focus on breathing until we are well accustomed. Bears are coming back from hibernation, so every step has to be carefully taken. Food has to be stored in proper boxes, and even though they fear humans, being between a baby bear and its mom would not be wise.

The third ride of that day was a special request from Toni: “I want a ride with a red car.” Your wish is a command, my dear.

Jann was our driver, guide, home provider, and all of this while enjoying a big pot of ice cream.

Let me explain: after being left in another pond, where we got the cooking pan stuck on a plastic bench, we headed for the road and saw the big red truck with the friendly and helpful Jann.

Conversation here and there, and I will become a specialist in North American geography, even without ever knowing the destination to be taken. And it was precisely this indecision, allied with chances of rain, that made him offer us a warm and safe place for the night. A set of cabins dating back to 1907 that belonged to Jann’s family for generations, and which are now being renovated.

No water, no kitchen, a fireplace, crystal clear rivers, and a relaxing peace on all sides.

Subliminal message

Armed with axes in both hands, the face of lumberjacks and some unsuccessful attempts to chop the wood, we were approached by the neighbors. Curious about us, Diane and Percy came up with a rabbit in their arms, and when they found out we were Jann’s guests, they offered us advice, tips on dealing with bears and mountain lions, cookies, coffee, and a friendly conversation.

Their past was with IT in several companies, the present is retired alternating between the mountains and the city, and the future if all goes well will be traveling and enjoying life.

Was it a message to me? An premonition? An example to be followed?

Only time will tell.

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