Courage x Fear

By campodegelo

Courage, boldness, audacity, bravery, impetus.
Strenghness in the face of danger and risks.
Managing fear in certain situations.

An emotional state brought by the awareness of danger.
Maybe an unreasonable feeling.
An uneasiness about something unpleasant. The possibility of failure.
Individual behaviors that can reproduce in the collective.

My fear may not terrify you.
My courage can be a joy to you.
Maybe you consider some of my acts bold, but they may be nothing more than a routine task in my point of view.

I was afraid to quit my job and move to India. I also considered myself brave at that moment.
Reducing salary by about 10 times, facing a distinct culture, habits from “another world”, leaving behind people I loved, I knew it was a revolutionary step for myself.
Today I’m afraid of what would have happened if I had not made that decision.

Hitchhiking can be something unimaginable to you.
It’s natural for me. I do not see any courage in what I do.
I go to the side of the road, I stretch my big toe, I put a smile on my stupid face, and I try to convince a stranger to take me along.
I can not see where fear can settle in this act.

You will say that someone of bad temper can approach me, rob me, rape me, harass me, and you will not be lying, but it does not frighten me. This can happen by going to the next bar.
At the same time you can say that this does not scare me because I am a man, and again you will be right. Maybe partially, but there is definitely a facilitation because of this, UNFORTUNATELY!

But what if I do not get to the destination? Where am I going to sleep? What am I going to eat? And if it rains?
I do not know. I’m going to fix it when it happens. I have nothing to worry about now.
Did you feel the detachment? Did you feel like your fear might not make any sense to me?

Am I better than you because of this?
Of course not.
I’m scared of height. Because of a childhood trauma I feel bad when I do not put my foot on the bottom when swimming. I’m afraid no one will read my texts.
I’m afraid I will not find a job that has a good cause. My dread is to do something meaningless. There are many fears, and in this spiral of uncertainties people slip.

It is worth emphasizing that not every fear inspires an act of courage.
Fears should generate reactions. Actions to combat or understand them.
Living in fear is hard. And irresponsible acts of courage can tear you down.

Many fears can not be overcome alone, and disparaging another’s dread can worsen the situation.
Many fears need a guide to be overcome, a person who will show you the way out of the darkness.
It takes courage to accept that everything is not going to be the way we want it, but we should not fear failure, but rather readjust our needs and fears constantly.

As Mick Jagger would say:

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime, yeah
You just might find you get what you need

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