Capital of Germany, but that does not seem to belong to this country.

Cosmopolitan, tolerant, an intense mixture of races.
Certain neighborhoods take you to Turkey. In others, the Vietnamese and Indian restaurants contribute to an aromatic, gustatory and different experience.

English, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, countless languages ​​and dialects are spoken and especially heard.

It is as if countless cities responded to the same name.

There isn’t a specific center, because each neighborhood has its own autonomy, its unique language, its characteristics and peculiarities.

Even with the growth of nationalist movements, tolerance still lingers in Berlin. At least that’s the impression when walking the streets that exude history, culture, musicality and beer.

Beer that is a German heritage and Berlin could not miss it.

I say even more, in Berlin it has been perfected, and I do not mean the taste.

Stores running 24 hours a day provide this precious liquid (which can be purchased for less than 1 euro) and other junk for the locals, and taking into account that supermarkets and others businesses do not normally work on Sundays, this convenience tends to surprise .

Especially when meeting a citizen, with his beer in hand, inside the subway at 9 am on Monday.
After getting used to the city, your question will only be: Is he keeping the party on, or simply beginning a new day?

Parks and green areas are scattered all over the corners too, and wait for a ray of sunshine to come out to see them full and happy.

Berlin is a place that does not judge you by your dress, tattoo, hair or lack of it.

It is a region of intense movement and change.
Either by the constructions that never seem to end, or by the people who come and go in a blink of an eye.

I came up with the idea of ​​staying just 6 months, and it’s been over 3 years.

At this time many were gone too. Wonderful people who arrive and leave the German territory, but who left marks in my being.

A city that has already been divided and today tries to integrate more and more.
A locality that offers options for all, at prices much more attractive than any others of the same country.
Yes, Berlin is the cheapest city in Germany, and has one of the lowest cost of living in Europe, or at least in the western part of the continent.

And besides all of it, there is still time for punctual festivals, like the Festival of Lights, which happens once a year and illuminates the most important monuments of this place, worth to be discovered by all.

A city that may not be the cleanest, nor may boost your likes on social networks, but that definitely deserves to be felt, observed and lived.

Freedom is when I hear all the languages of this world on Sundays in the Mauerpark
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