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A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard, who gives assistance, and is on good terms with another.

Someone who is not hostile.
A comrade, a confident, an ally.

Definitions sound sometimes so pure and light, so easy to achieve and apply.

But, how long is it necessary to build a friendship?

People come and go so often in our lives, that sometimes we don’t even realize how important or nice was their presence around us, and if we notice it, maybe it is too late to show our estimation, our devotion, our friendship.

It is impressive how traveling, and especially living abroad for a period, makes every single concept change. The notion of time flies away, and the time goes together.

People become less reluctant. It is easier to find the same boat, and together row.

Each moment has a different meaning in space and time, and it needs to be lived at its maximum. A few months of coexistence and interactions, and warm hugs, sincere smiles and amiable moments are ready to happen.

Don’t get afraid. Things come quick! However, when you perceive, it is already late. Time to go packing again. To fly back (maybe to a new) home, with at least one certain thing: you are bringing back way more things, a whole bunch of friends.

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  • Jaynie December 15, 2017 at 14:10 Reply

    So true, and bringing back memories you made with friends. 🙂

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