The hype is so big around it that I cannot deny anymore. Every trip I face the same battles and challenges to get to the throne and triumph.
The winter is always coming and the storm is inside myself. The white walkers are destroying the walls of my stomach, and every land has its own different throne and obstacles to get to it.

While in India the royal seats are more like holes on the floor, in Japan you can get the warm and clean seat with sounds of waterfalls and music (after all it is a shame, shame, shame over there to emit sounds while mastering the toilet). In Germany you have to pay to use public ones, whereas in South Korea you can easily find great lavatories completely for free inside almost all train station.
In an indian train I faced myself with a dilemma: the toilet was just a cavity on the floor, from where I could see the trails passing by. Should I complete my mission, or hold it and preserve the environment?

Once a wise Indian told me the following:
“If you are barefoot and step on shit, you will wash your feet.
If you touch crap, you will definitely wash your hand.
So why the hell do you wipe your ass with paper?”
Maybe he was just reasoning why his fellows used the left hand and water to clean everything once done, but it made some sense in my mind.

Many times you cannot avoid the battle and has to be brave to face the conditions of it. Dirty places that you would not wish for your biggest enemy, but a bit of contortionism, strength on your legs and long breaths, and everything will be alright.
Each journey is a new season on this quest to avoid facing the game of thrones!

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