Life is full of brilliant minds, coincidences and inspirations.
After visiting my sister, it was time to leave Karlsruhe (Germany) to a city located by the Lake Constance, or Bodensee in German. The third biggest lake of Europe has its borders on the German, Swiss and Austrian sides.
The rules of hitchhiking normally don’t fail and this time they were there again. Let me repeat this for you:
“If your day start with a nice and easy ride, probably it will end with some problems, even if minors.”
The opposite is also valid and it was this case that actually happened.

Provided with one permanent marker and a piece of a carton, I wrote the names “Konstanz” in one side and “Stuttgart” on the other.
Stuttgart, city of Porsches and Mercedes, was on the way and it made sense to hitchhike to there and continue further south. What was not expected was waiting almost 4 hours to get the first ride, under the rain and not at the best spot (as Hitchwiki sent me to an abandoned gas station), but a German man working with Renewable Energy (and with an Electric Car) saved my discouragement of that day.
During our conversation surged the idea (or more like a mission) of one of that brilliant minds I mentioned, which states for “Let’s make hitchhiking GREAT again!”

My friend at the wheel used to take rides during his youth, and wanted to retribute it now. But we were talking just in German, so how could I explain the mission to him?
Mache trampen wieder groß!
That’s the best I could get, but by his face and smile the fight of making hitchhike great again will succeed.
He was going to Stuttgart and there I was again, at a parking lot, looking for the next ride to take.
Singen, Konstanz, Konstanz, Singen.
It would not matter.
What matters is that a personal rule has been broken.

Normally I say : “The more you have, the less you give”. Meaning that never expects a ride with a nice car. Fortunately it changed this time, together with my personal record of speed in a German Autobahn.
Coincidence number 1: my new saviour was a lecturer in the same University I study.
Coincidence number 2: it was a National Holiday in Switzerland, and as the city I was going is on the border with that country, I would be able to see lots of fireworks.

From Dominik, my new “driver” and almost lecturer, many ideas can be extracted.
1. Put your money into studies and experiences.
Your Iphone can be stolen, but not what you did and who you are.
2. Take notes after things you watch or read, reflecting this in yourself, and the impact it made on you.
It would help you focusing in the things that are good and bad in your life.
3. Be close to people with good energy. Titles, positions or abilities do not define how good or bad a person is.
Energy is hard to be described, but has to be felt. It is the atmosphere of the person. That even with bad news, will be there to comfort you.
And many more. Ideas that will be carried forward, some already in progress for a while.
He drove me direct to the house of my friend Francesco Serpa.
Again I have to say, I do not believe in coincidences.
Time to ride a bike around the lake, swim, and see everything around before putting my feet on the road again.

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