It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)

By campodegelo

After some good years, I am grateful for the visit of Pedro and Gabriela, longtime friends, studies and nights in Curitiba, who along with Irem and a few doses of Mexicana (an alcoholic and spicy shot) made me enter the night of Berlin on a Thursday.

The initial plan was to find someone to host me in Hamburg on Friday and Saturday, when I was finally going to see a show from a new, little-known band called the Rolling Stones. After some requests sent and denied in couchsurfing, it seemed that I would only go on the day of the concert to Hamburg, located 300 km from Berlin on the north of Germany.

This fact gave me an extra mood at night with my friends, and a dismay on waking the next day. With a slightly heavy head I notice an email with a positive message: I had a place to stay in Hamburg for Friday and Saturday nights, and on the second day the person would accept a friend of mine, Eloisa, who would enjoy the show too.

Life giving us unexpected, unusual and wonderful facts.

Trying to recompose myself as quickly as possible, I went to the road, making a small sign with the letters HH (Hansestadt Hamburg, or in good English, Hanseatic City of Hamburg).

Only 10 minutes of waiting and a truck stopped in front of the gas station that I was. Inside him was a long-haired man, with a taste for rock n ‘roll and a 40-year career on the road carrying containers, currently between Berlin and Hamburg, just where I wanted to go.

The universe conspiring in favor again.

After three hours of good conversation, stories and adventures, I arrived at one of the largest ports in Europe, and then to the house of Malte, my host more than 2 meters high, and such a great hospitality.

Messages from all Malte’s couchsurfers

In the past he studied tourism, but soon realized that his work differed greatly from how he liked to travel, and decided to change. Today he works helping children with special needs.

At present he also receives many people by couchsurfing and offers his room for small concerts of musicians from all over the world. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to witness one of them, but the travel stories and good music infected me.

The next day I met Elo, Gabriel and Thaisa (who came from Stuttgart) and headed to the Stadtpark, where 80 thousand people were expected to enjoy the old rockstars with more than 50 years of career.

What about this show?

Questioned about this, I was asked if I would have words to describe it and I came to the conclusion that their lack only shows a weak vocabulary, so let’s go: magnanimous, stupendous, contagious, dancing (at least for us Brazilians, since most of the Germans seemed to have an iron ball stuck to their feet), full of successes, and with a charisma that few bands can convey.

If words do not convince you, check this little video.

The next day I would introduce Eloisa to the world of hitchhiking. The goal was to show that this is not something special, and I think I’ve hit it. Like it was written on the sticker I saw on my way to Hamburg: Autostop! Connecting People.


Malte took us to the roundabout that led to the highway and from there with our Berlin sign we waited only 10 minutes until Paula, a German who lived during the division of Berlin and gave us a history lesson, took us to the city that never sleeps, but still respects and embraces everyone.

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