Khao San Road : The most famous tourist trap in Bangkok

By campodegelo

The poor quality of the air, reaching its worst levels in the last years, already contagious the pores and lungs. The most careful wore surgical masks, in an attempt, which does not seem very effective, to ease the risks to health.

Small government-run aircrafts flew over the city, pouring chemicals into the air, to generate artificial rains and reduce the volume of harmful particles.

That’s right. Fighting pollution by throwing chemicals into the air.

Despite these problems, I decided to walk around. It was supposed to be just another street, but it was actually a den of perversion.

Garbage scattered around the corners, people crowding and walking in slow pace, many lights, advertisements, tents of the most diverse and unnecessary products, and loud music.

Welcome to Khao San Road

The famous backpackers street in Bangkok, Thailand

Located in the old city, close to some tourist attractions such as the Royal Palace, the temples of Wat Pho (with the lying Buddha), the Golden Mountain among others.

One of the most authentic experiences of what Thailand is NOT.

Forget the sincere smiles already mentioned, and exchange them for the yellowed dentures of drunken foreigners, who do not give a damn about the country they are visiting.

I’ll be a generalist in that case, please allow me

Erase from your mind the friendly locals, and replace them with sellers and promoters of depraved shows, buckets with the worst possible quality of drinks, and a competition of lights, and sounds in high and poor standards, trying to grab attention of the crowd, who as zombies, walks from end to end.

Yes, we can find this shit there!

Walking around without being noticed, neither approached by a street vendor is a task worthy of the quietest and deadliest ninjas.

This path of few meters takes me to an underworld of hysteria, to an alternative and depressing reality.

Westerners who mostly traveled hours and more hours, to meet with other Westerners.

I find this travel concept interesting. Going around the world in search of its devious fellows.

Wouldn’t it be more logical, and perhaps cheaper, to find them at the bar on the corner? Perhaps in their own country?

I prefer the title : The most famous tourist trap in Bangkok.

Do not get me wrong.

If this is your cup of tea, you will be welcomed as a king by your deplorable subjects, but just do not come to express that you had an authentic Thai experience.

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4 thoughts on “Khao San Road : The most famous tourist trap in Bangkok

  • Lucia March 20, 2018 at 23:31 Reply

    Por mas horrible y asqueroso que este lugar sea siempre recordaré con cariño aquel bar de reggae ❤️

    • campodegelo March 28, 2018 at 03:34 Reply

      El bar de reggae es el mejor \o/

  • Awesome post.

  • Ant March 13, 2019 at 10:13 Reply

    I went to KHAO SAN ROAD 27yrs ago it was great I went back to have a look around in 2018 stayed for 2 hours and left I will never go back it’s not Thailand it’s just like being in a little village somewhere in Europe full of drunk loud westerns it was so sad to see

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