Thun is really a hidden gem in the middle of the Alps. Forget about going to the most famous Interlaken, which is surrounded by two lakes and full of tourists.
Thun is way calmer, relaxing and more beautiful.
Denise shared the same qualities of the place, and we had awesome conversations, dinner and plans to share.

I think I should change my strategy and stay more days in each place, but unfortunately I had to leave again the next morning. Now to Bern, where Fernanda would join forces.
It was the first time I got a ride holding an umbrella under the rain, and directly to the main station of the capital of Switzerland. Easy peasy.
The old town of Bern is an UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, due to its medieval constructions built in a narrow hill surrounded by the river Aare. It is incredible how the rivers are clean in this country.

Backpack on us, it was time for walks (come on, we have time, we don’t take buses) and later on to meet our new host. Actually more than one. Lia, Lea, Simone and Sheena are students and live together in a big flat, receiving couchsurfers almost every day. Couchsurfing is a way of travelling without leaving your own room, due to the exchange of cultural experiences and impressions, and it actually happened again. Another guy was staying at the flat at the same time, Bruno, an argentinean and juggler that travels the world and tries to get some money to continue on the road. One more awesome night and the next day back to the road.
I think it may sound easy to hitchhike by now, but I think I forgot to mention how much we have to walk to get to the nice spots to start with it. In average we are walking around 18 km per day, so I can say Hitchhiking is my new sport. It is free, a group activity, you lose weight and get a friend in the end. After sweating a bit to reach the gas station by the main road, we waited not more than 10 minutes, when a young guy approached us speaking French. Je ne parle pas français. Pardon. But Fabian was fun, presented the things around and brought us to Lausanne, a city by the lake Geneva (one of the biggest in Europe, bordering Switzerland and France).

Time to steal some Wifi from the main station and find a couchsurfing for that night. Quickly we got a message from an Italian, who is learning Portuguese and was willing to help us. Quick and painless. We would meet our host at 19h, so we had still 4 hours to explore the city. We didn’t expect the amount of hills there. Some exercise more to our tired legs and back, but no complaints.
At the agreed time we were in front of his place, but nobody was there. He was not online for the last 3 hours and we didn’t have his phone number, even though he had ours. Okay, he may be late, we can wait a bit.
One hour and nothing.
Two hours and nothing.
Time to leave again, but now without any perspective.
Should we put our tent somewhere hidden in the city?
Should we sleep in the train station?
None seemed quite interesting.

And then my small and dear friend Fernanda Yoshida talked to her sister, who lives in Lausanne, and she agreed to receive us. Patricia is a nice person, and how it is good to speak Portuguese again, share the same things from the lovely Curitiba, and get aid from awesome people, even though they don’t know you. Thanks Patty 
Around 1 am a message from Nico, the italian guy who was supposed to receive us: “Sorry guys, I completely forgot about you”.
Well played, man. As he wanted to learned Portuguese, I teached him a new word: Sacanagem! (something like a really mean thing). But let’s not get stressed.
Things always work well in the end!


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