Life is way more than an iPhone

By campodegelo

Once inside the subway in Berlin some parents got my attention more than the screaming baby on their hands.
The child seemed disturbed and was crying as loud as possible. Mom and dad were not worried and didn’t try anything to calm it down, until the moment the young man decides to act. He takes his iPhone from his pocket, gives it to the kid and no more cry. Like magic, but an evil one.
Back to France.

The road from Autrans to Veaunes (a small village on the north of Valence) was not direct, neither had big cities on the way which could make my life easier. However, it was not complicated anyway. Gautier’s parents brought me to the main road, and I didn’t have even time to finish my sign when a lovely couple from the Netherlands stopped for me. And what an amazing ride. In the middle of valleys, mountains and rivers.
Few kilometers later and I was there by the road again, being taken quickly by smiley French, who could not speak English. Well, we understood each other fine.
A nice walk to end it all, and there I was. In the middle of fields, in a village with no supermarket, no bakery, no commerce at all. Just some houses, mosquitos and peace.

Julien was my host, a young dad of 2 kids, who lives with his girlfriend too and was alone because of holidays. He decided to live there for a couple of reasons. I call it quality of life.
Teaching your children how to value things, since the food (he just eat organic things from local producers), don’t waste time with much internet or series, and have awesome ideas about spending a simpler but happier life. He even received me with a completely local beer and a BBQ. A nice, funny and warm night under the sky full of stars.
Early in the morning Julien left me on the toll by the road going to the south.
And there it comes the doubt. Nobody had accepted me so far. No hosts anywhere. So, should I go to Marseille or Montpellier? A chose the second one, as the route would make more sense and it was a smaller city. 2 rides later and there I was. 250 km in less than 3 hours, counting the time I waited. France is amazing!

Time to steal some WIFI from the main station and pray to get a host. It was just time to connect and a shiny message pops up: Quentin has accepted you!
Another nice guy, living with her flatmate Marilou, works in a bicycle association, showed me the city by bike, had some beers together and funny moments with his friends. Montpellier is worth the visit. The last day another couchsurfer arrived, Lukáš, a real traveler from Czech Republic who was in the 180th day of hitchhiking, walking, and wandering around. I love to meet travelers with awesome stories.

“Toulouse, s’il vous plaît” with smiley faces was the chosen sign this time. Tram to the road, walk a bit and another hitchhiker on the way. A korean guy who is travelling the world and wanted to get to Barcelona. He used to live in Noryangjin in South Korea, almost my neighbor. Life always playing tricks.
We walked together to the toll and 20 minutes later Youcef, a French with Algerian roots stopped for me. Direct ride to the 4th biggest city in France, Toulouse.
Life is way more than an iPhone!

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