Motivation Letter

By campodegelo

Dear person who wastes time reading letters of motivation,

After several years of study, internships and various jobs, I am prepared to write this application for the most audacious project of my life.

My name is Guilherme Eisfeld, 30 years old, born in Curitiba, Brazil, and a citizen of the world.

My academic and professional qualifications can be seen in my attached resume, and are only titles and descriptions of activities performed in different corporations.

Do not stick to them. I am much more than these mere descriptive words.

I qualify for this position with knowledge that no school has ever dared to teach.

The project is called “From Berlin to Beijing: Goodness has no Borders“, and let me explain you why.

Over the years and tripsI have begun to notice that attitudes of affection, appreciation, and care for others are much more genuine, with a more positive outcome for both parties when money is not involved, or at least when one does not expect to profit from the action itself.

Some call me a communist for this. Do not be ashamed. It is a natural thought, but also very wrong.

I am not one of the people who need the most of help in this world, I must say, but I still captivate strangers to show their generous side.

In the first month I will have the company of my sister, who is highly qualified as well and will be part of this program.

From Berlin, the capital of Germany, I will leave with a backpack and many ideas in my head.

To China I will follow, passing through Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, crossing the Caspian Sea on some freighters to arrive in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. From there I will go to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, returning to Kazakhstan to enter Mongolia. From the ancient land of Genghis Khan I will finally enter China, probably kissing Beijing soil after this long journey.

You got lost in the geography, I know, but take it easy, I’ve got everything figured out.

First lie of this motivation letter: I have no idea of ​​the complete route to Beijing

For this I will hitchhike. Make Hitchhiking GREAT again, is the current motto. That’s right, going to the edge of the road with my thumb up in the wind, hoping that a good soul will carry me forward without costs.

Accommodation is a bit more hazy.

I will try Couchsurfing when possible, I will also take my tent with me and I am sure I will sleep in the house of best friends (obtained on the same day).

Do you remember when I said that money does not necessarily motivate good deeds?

Yeah. This will be my way of proving my theory that there are many more good people than bad people in the world. That strangers can help each other without expecting anything in return.

What do I offer them?

A company, a talk, a council, a dinner made by me, a keychain from my hometown, a hope for a better world.

It may be little, almost nothing, but I assure you that a smile is worth more than any paper with a figure and value.

What do I mean by that?

The goal is not only to collect experiences and good times, but also to propagate this and try to show that it is possible to go in search of our dreams, be they related to travel, professional life, love, studies, or any other variant.

Through texts, reports, cronics, photographs and videos I want to carry with me those who believe in this ideology, and perhaps convince those who do not believe that the world is not like an evil beast. I want to break stereotypes. Show that nations are just different names and colors, but deep down we all share a same goal: happiness.

Second lie of motivation letter: I do not need money to travel

The big secret here will be to cut the expenses as much as possible, but still I’ll need some money, even if not much.

Restaurants will be practically banned as well as alcoholic beverages (unless you offer me. Stories tell that it is an offense to refuse a drink in Russia, but let’s keep the stereotypes apart).

With this daring project, allied to my sympathy (and modesty), always respecting the others and being a bit boldfaced (yes, it becomes necessary), I candidate myself for this vacancy. I believe that I can contribute much to your ideology.

At this point you have already asked yourself, “but how vague is this? How can I help you?”.

The simple act of sharing and propagating the good actions that I will live in the coming months already consists of an approval of this proposal. If you would like to make a partnership, having in mind we share the same principles and ideals, it will be even better.

Together we will be able to expand our power of understanding, and thus reach more people in this struggle to show that the goodness is strong in the diverse nations of the world.

Thanks in advance for your attention, I am available to answer any related questions, and I look forward to your return.


Kind Regards,


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