Nothing in life is a coincidence

By campodegelo

Call it destiny.
Call it coincidence.
Call it good or bad luck.
Call it the way you want or believe, but certain events in life are to hard explain.

Easter was coming and with holidays comes the possibility of traveling.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Ryanair?
I do not care that the seats do not recline, that you cannot check in any luggage, or that not even water is served.
Come on, for 20€ I can go for a roundtrip to another country, and this is more than amazing to me. The biggest problem sometimes is finding a new undiscovered route, and that’s when Dracula shined to me.

Romania may not be well known by many people, but it always attracted me, and there it is, a flight to Bucharest was just booked.

I think I am getting addicted to it. Actually, traveling is a hard and vicious drug, the more you take, the more you want.

My sister was already traveling around, having passed through Bulgaria and more cities in Romania, so the deal was to meet her in Brasov, located 150 km from the Otopeni Airport, where I would land.

What some see as a problem, I saw as an opportunity. I would finally hitchhike in Europe.

Backpack on my back, I just had to pass the confusing lines in the custom area and walk to the road, which luckily was right next to the airport.

A few meter away I caught sight of a good spot to raise my arm and get a ride, and the fame of this country proved correct after not even 10 minutes.

An old Dacia stopped by and asked if I was heading to Brasov. DESTINY!

The woman, Maria Erika, surprised me when I mentioned my nationality. Due to “Telenovelas” she was able to speak Spanish perfectly. It is good to mention that Romanian is the most similar language to Latin. COINCIDENCE!

Together with her, Petrick and Erika (her children) were enjoying free time in touristic spots, like castles and mountains. Even though I had to reach my sister, I could not rush my new friends and this way we entered a forest, where according to the signs bears lived. Mainly I am not afraid of things, but the image of myself fighting with an enormous animal could not flew away of my head. Fortunately I was always winning the battle in my dreams.

Almost one hour of ups, downs and some snowfall, and we reached a waterfall. Tired but relieved we made our way back to the car, without finding any animal around. GOOD LUCK!

Minutes later I met my sister and it was time to conquer a new town.

Brasov is charming, has a german background (it was called Kronstadt before), and it is located in Transylvania, known for the famous Vampire created by Bram Stoker, who based his story on Vlad, the Impaler, a Romanian Prince notorious for the cruel and bloody sentences.

The cold night called for a wine and another point has been scored by Romania. With polenta, sour cream and some meat, it was the perfect combination.

Next day it was time to visit the Peles Castle, summer residence of the Royal Family and one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is impossible to estimate the value of its interior rooms and ornaments. A mixture of German, French, Italian, Turkish and Indian decorations offers an orgy of colours, details and impressions.

We did not want to lose time that morning, so we decided for the train. After our cultural program we were free, so our transportation was set: hitchhiking to Bucharest.

The highway passed in front of the station and there was a good place for cars to stop. 15 minutes later a Volkswagen Passat, with a fancy man wearing a suit, came to us. Unfortunately he could not speak much English, so our journey was more about signs and laughs. Anyway he was really kind and left us in front of the hostel we would stay.

As it was still early we went around the capital. Old town, new atmosphere.

The city is really clean, arborized, with many parks and huge constructions (the parliament is the second biggest building of the world, just behind the Pentagon).

On our way back a quick stop at the Supermarket for cheese, wine and some salad.
Everything acquired, we put our feet out of the door and wait for the green sign to cross the street, when suddenly a car honks and stops in front of us.


The occupants were the incredible couple that gave me a ride in Lebanon.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Life prepared it for me.

After spending nice moments in Baalbek a few months before, we were put together again.
Some may think it is not a big deal, but Bucharest is the 6th biggest city in population of Europe.

My Easter egg was better than expected.
The next 2 days we spent wonderful moments, lunch together and a view of the city from the eyes of Peter and Ramona Dumitrascu.
From Lebanon to Romania, both of them will be part of my life from now on.
Definately nothing in life is a coincidence.


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