The last Chang.
The last Pad Thai.
The last ladyboy seen on the streets (people in western countries consider themselves so evolved, but cannot handle it as natural as the Thai people do).
The last moment in Southeast Asia, at least for now.

Time to move again, unfortunately not hitchhiking. I miss it, but it will definitely happen again.

Here I wanna give you one advice. Always have an empty bottle with you, to fill with water as soon as you pass the check control in the airport. I say this especially after Doha, capital of Qatar. 

I understand the country is in the middle of the desert, however, 4USD for a bottle of water is insanity. It is funny to notice that 1 liter of our precious liquid cost approximately 3 times more than 1 liter of gasoline.
Thanks Sheiks for that. 

This small country located in the Arabic Gulf has a population of 2.6 million people, who just 300.000 are native. 

Being a native has its advantages. You can wear the cosy white clothes (everyone probably does) and the king provides almost everything for free. Water, electricity, education and even telecom system are included. 

It does not mean that being an immigrant is a bad thing. Due to its increasing development, job offers are popping all over. 

Scared by the prices, I was regretting being there, but as I said, never regret your decisions. After being told that I would spend around 100USD for a Visa, transportation and food for one day, I considered doing nothing in the airport. I’ve already disliked Dubai, why have I chosen to be there?

And then my saviour appeared. An Indian look like guy, who said I could take a free tour offered by Qatar Airways, because my layover was more than 6 hours (yes, I did this shit on purpose, and it turned to be 22 hours).

My eyes shined again! Free Visa, free tour and even a free bottle of water. 

Have I ever told you how much I love free things?

There we go then, around the exuberant and extravagant buildings of this city, that breaths oil, natural gas and will host the World Cup of football in 2022.

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