Patchwork Utopia

By campodegelo

Feminine noun.
A piece of cloth with the colors and emblems of a nation, state, institution or association.
An idea or goal that guides a group.

Flags can be a tremendous act of disrespect.
They show stereotypes, supremacies, prejudices.
A flag conveys a critique, delivers a message, takes a stand point.

Green and yellow, red and blue, green and white.
Patriarchy, feminism, LGBT causes, the struggle against social inequality and racial prejudice.
The standards of beauty, religions, positioning and political parties, the musical style.

All flags with a meaningful representation.
All flags symbolizing a fight or a defeat.
Flags became necessary, mainly to overthrow other flags mistakenly hoisted.

The act of traveling opens your mind to them.
Whether crossing a border, facing a distinct culture, or observing a woman traveling alone, we have several flags represented.

Do not hoist the Flag of Hate, please.

In my utopian perfect world, a single flag shakes: the one of respect, the one of love, the oneof cordiality.
In my ideal universe, no cause is necessary. No dispute is accurate.

But this world (still) does not exist. The reality is ruthless.
Fights  have been raised for some time.
What we have to do is to bring together all the flags and make a patchwork of them.

I’m a man, white skin, heterosexual, middle class. Put all those elements together and we’ll have another flag.
A pennant that swings much higher than others.
A coat of arms which I did nothing to deserve, and that should not define me.

In the tripping utopia of my imaginary, it is not the flags that dictate the rhythm, but the hymns of each element.
I do not judge the appearances, but the contents.
I care little how you are, but intensively what you do.

Maybe I raise the flag of hitchhiking, the flag of detachment, perhaps the one of naivety, but do not get me wrong.
I’m just looking for the so called patchwork utopia.

Despise a fight because it does not represent your flag?
Please do not be this person. You are no better than anyone simply because you defend, identify, or represent a cause. Maybe you have a better understanding of the situation, that’s all.
Do not surf the success of flags. Do not take a ride in victimization.
Make your flag – if fair – your struggle and not your glory.

It is useless to overthrow the banner of patriarchy, to replace it with that of matriarchism.
I see no point in exchanging one elite for another.

Easy for me to say that, as I do not suffer from many of the stigmas of society, right?
But what is the point of exchanging one flag for another?

For the sake of rhetorical questions, constructive debates, and an improvement for all, I will fight for a single flag, even if they tell me that it is only a utopia.

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