The traditional city of Kashan looks immersed in your locality.
The use of materials and resources of the environment itself makes the city interesting. Its natural beautiful is due to the contrast between the extent Central Desert of Iran and an oasis landscape.

At the first sight, or I would say at the first brick, all the places look similar and without a big difference in the walls and doors.
Available materials dictate the forms of the traditional architecture.
The use of primitive building techniques, like molded mud mixed with straw, both compressed as solidly, can be seen in several houses around the tight morphology.

The narrow streets of the old city let you breath sand and dust. While walking makes you spread them in the air, the heat forces you to seek for shadows and cool environments.
Specially in Ashura’s days, where everyone wears dark, the light side of the alleys remains empty and the black strengthens the dissimilarity.

Thus opened the main door of the house and walking down the hallway, you feel welcomed and fresh, particularly if you are entering on the Sommer part (the cooler space).
The efficiency of environmental comfort let you desire admiring the courtyard with a little pond around with fruit trees.
But nothing better than sleeping on a famous Persian carpet and watching the sun shine on the stained-glass windows.

The materiality of objects gives beauty and conveys the identity of the place.

While the city is gradually growing and turning into a developed center, it is also losing its Persian Identity, either by its buildings or the culture of the locals.

Hopefully the heritage and locals habits will survive the globalization we face.

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