Thailand has many faces.

By far the most attractive to me is the human one, full of smiles and great people.
Some may enjoy better the paradisiac beaches with crystal and clear water, and white sand.
Why not mentioning the food, a mixture of ingredients, going from coconut to peanuts, curries, or different noodles.

However, a few tourists (and I am generous with this “few”) go there for parties, prostitution, drugs, or whatever else you can imagine, and I may say I got involved on it during my first visit to this country.

There are some things you regret in your life, and that’s the case for me.

The Island is called Phuket, and it is located on the southern part, giving access by boat to beautiful destinations. What I didn’t expect was an event called Ping Pong Show.

Suspicious men kept on making weird noises with their mouths, while they advertise the whole thing.
Bargain a bit here, a little more there, and get your beer into the “concert hall”.
The place was dark, with a dance floor and a shower (???) in the middle, extravagant lights at some points, and a diverse audience, from old couples to families and young backpackers.

We barely had time to get used to the scene when a not so young lady wearing just underwear entered the stage at the sound of some provocative song.

Before your imagination starts to go around, NO!
She was not pretty, neither sexy! Probably she was forced to do it.
And the worst was still to come, and it was located inside her.

Suddenly she approached her hands close to her genitals and took something from there. By the distance I could not see, nevertheless I knew it was shocking by people’s reactions.
The crowd was disgusted, screaming, turning their head around to avoid seeing it again. Then I understood, she removed two small mouses, and yes, they were alive, from her vagina.

1 minute of silence please!

Don’t worry, you can read the information above again. I still don’t get it properly, and unfortunately what has been seen, cannot be unseen.

Nobody was comfortable there, but we could not simply leave. Anyway the worst had already passed. Sweet mistake!

As soon as the Mickey Mouse disappeared, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came by. That’s true, another girl with two poor and inoffensive turtles in an inhospitable environment.

Calm down, breath, take a sip of your beer, it is just probably a dream, but it didn’t seem to finish soon. The zoo continued for a little while, with birds and fishes showing up.

Holy Molly, why did I entered that place?

The following was full of tricks and dubious abilities, like putting water in their orifices and returning a dark liquid, smoking a cigarette with the pelvic power, removing 5 meters of rope from the inside, holding a pen and making a beautiful drawing (seriously I cannot make it better with my hands).

The beer was almost ending when another girl passed around distributing balloons to everyone.
How cool.
We were supposed to inflate and hold them close to our heads.
Not so cool anymore.

The final movement was to start. The mouse lady just laid on the floor, adjusted a straw into her private parts and with an abnormal pressure started to throw projectiles, popping all the balloons.

Since then I am still looking for answers, reasons or methods to clear my mind.
If someone know how to help, don’t hesitate in contacting me.

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