Positivity Always

By campodegelo

Once upon a time there was a person with an adventurous spirit, who wanted to know the whole world, but he had no company for it. His life was full of denials and few partnerships to travel. Until the beautiful day he decided he should not depend on others to fulfill his dreams, and set off alone to a distant land.
Alone! Alone!

Without someone to share the good and bad moments. Without someone warm and known to hug you, smile or give you some advice. No familiar face to rescue you.
By the time he woke up from this nightmare and saw that reality was not so cruel.
The purpose remains the same, but instead of sharing everything with someone long known, we must seek new friends. Success depends entirely on yourself, and do not be afraid, the vast majority of travelers are in the same boat, so do not tire of introducing yourself to the people around you, and keep the script:
– What’s your name?
– Where do you come from?
– How long are you traveling?
After this, just let the dialogue flow and try to join forces in some activity, like going for a dinner, bar, parties, or whatever you feel like doing. It becomes incredible how best friends arise in just a few hours. Since these companions are usually momentary, there is a need for this intensity. Live and enjoy the most while there is time, because the next day you can head to another city and your best friend will be behind.
Do not be discouraged! Follow the recipe again and get a new comrade.

This kind of relationship is fast, intense, and cruel. Most of the time it will be lost during the time, but the good memories will always be kept. And if the bond lasts, be assured that those moments together will be eternalized and a true relationship will emerge.
There are no secrets on this journey, just greet everyone, smile, be optimistic and focus on your good mood from the moment you wake up, because you are the only one who can really change it. If you wake up feeling discouraged, why should I change it?
Positivity always!

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