By campodegelo

A Portuguese word without a literal translation to English, and commonly used in the literature and music.

A feeling, an experience, a person, a place, or an event that once brought you excitement.

The concept is complex. It cannot be well explained, but deeply felt.

Some say that it is a mixture of loneliness, losses and regards. If what you miss cannot be achieved, or touched anymore, it is more nostalgia what you have.

I have saudades of churrasco (Brazilian BBQ), of coxinha (chicken meat covered in dough, molded into a shape resembling a chicken leg, and fried, or simply, the Heaven in Earth), of my friends and family. I have nostalgia of my school times, and the 3 months I could spend at the beach without any kind of worries.

Saudades can drag you down, bring depression and addictions, if you are not prepared for that. 

Symptoms differ from person to person, the diagnosis is not always clear, and the treatment can be complicated.

Nevertheless, saudades come up with good memories, and my placebo is thinking about everything nice that happened, focus on the smiles, and project it to myself in a near future.

Saudades is inherent to travelers. 

When you go, you will miss what you left behind.
When you come back (if you do), you will miss what the road provided to you.

It may sound weird, but unfortunately I cannot bring everyone that I love with me all the time, so my plan is to increase the number of situations that I can have saudades of. 

Do I like to suffer? No, thanks. I just want to live good moments at its maximum.

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