Once I heard that people should try something new at least once a year, but I have to say I disagree. It has to be way more often than that.
New experiences, feelings, tastes, it doesn’t really matter what.
The idea is shaking a little bit the routine, and expand our vision and mindset.
Maybe this time it was more a new experience to my fellow colleagues Francesco and Sardor, who never hitchhiked or camped before. Excitement could be seen due to the long holiday and the promise of a good weather.

Himmelfahrt is the occasion, when apparently Jesus went to the sky, Heaven, or the Moon (sorry, I was never good at the religion classes), and thanks to him we have two days off. Coincidently (or not) Father’s day is celebrated in Germany at the same date, and it means shitloads of alcohol.
If you are a man, get together with your male friends early in the morning, grab a cart where you can store beers, and go around screaming or doing stupid things.
Happy men’s day, some would say. It can be one of the reasons why our hitchhiking didn’t work out.

With a piece of carton written “Dresden” on it, we started our journey. Other hitchhikers were seen, which increased our motivation and creativity. Come on, we have to be better than our “competitors”. On the other side of our sign we wrote “Bitte”, German word for please, and it put smiles on the driver’s faces. We kept turning our placard and received some waves in exchange, nevertheless it did not brought us anywhere.
Perhaps the good willing folks were actually celebrating the day.
Maybe it was because we were trying to catch a ride in 3 people, or even that we don’t look nice at all, who knows?

The fact is that after 4 hours of not even a single car stopping for us, we decided to take a bus to our destination, otherwise it would be too late to set the camping tent. A bit of disappointment would not drag us down, but I have to say I wanted to change the polite “Bitte” for a big and direct “Bitch”.
Breath, think and just then act, don’t be a bitch, bitch!
A bus and a train later, and there we were. Camping, hiking, and exploring the Saxon Switzerland, a national park between Germany and Czech Republic. Entire families shared tents or motorhomes, having with them thousands of different utensils. Germans in general love the contact with nature, and are not ashamed of bringing all the things there. The word that applies better is “farofeiro”, a professional picnicker who does not forget, forgive or face problems.

The rock formations combined with the Elbe river offer many options of activities, being climbing or boat riding the favorites around. Talking about riding, I could not go back to Berlin with the feeling of failure. The road has always been good to me, so please help me showing to my friends that hitchhiking is not a big deal at all.
Hitchiwiki.org advised a gas station at the north of Dresden, but it was almost empty. The fear of catching a bus came again, even though I was not in a hurry to go back. With a sign showing a big B and the name Berlin, we waved to cars and trucks, when suddenly a pickup stopped for us. A few kilometers, a driver going to meet his friends in a farm, and the first ride for Francesco and Sardor.
We were dropped by a parking lot, where we had to continue our mission, which now was clear. Third Commandment of the Hitchhikers says that you will avoid going back the road, and it meant at that point no more buses. Thanks our Lord of Hitchhikers!
Since I have a bit more experience on that, it was agreed that if we had to split, I should be left behind, as a good Captain I should be the last to abandon the ship. It actually happened, and a few minutes later my friends were leaving with two Eintracht Frankfurt supporters heading to the German Cup Final (which Borussia Dortmund won 2×1, go go go BVB!).

Alone it would be easier, but I am still not happy with the Germans. They seem so afraid to help.
Thankfully Poles are more friendly, and after 2 rides with Polish truck drivers (one had a dog who disliked my companion, although his owner gave me a nice sweet with marmelade), here I am, alive and looking forward to the next new experience.

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