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How to hitchhike around the world

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Hitchhiking: traveling without paying for it. The short and objective explanation above indicates usurpation, a benefit without offering something in return, an act of detriment to current social standards. I’m not referring to the paid rides of apps like BlaBlaCar. They do not count on this. They are a paid way of moving around. I’m…

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57 hours flying around the world

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For those who do not know me, my name is Guilherme. Born in Curitiba, living in Berlin and awarded the opportunity to study for a semester in South Korea. Before leaving for the more prosperous Korean side, I decided to visit family and friends in Brazil, and from there I would head east. The biggest…

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The Brazilians by an European

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Then one day I decided to leave Brazil. With the backpack I decided to venture, to look for something different, to find the unexpected, but it had not touched me that in others’ lands I was the unknown. With each question I asked, 2 enquiries came back. – But your skin color? You’re kind of…

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Home, sweet home!

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Home, sweet home! What does a place need to have, so that you can call it home? Family? Friends? The feeling of being loved? Infrastructure? Safety? A stable job? A good educational system? All of them together? The answers are really personal and should not be judged. Living abroad sometimes is seen with glamorization glasses…

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