The Brazilians by an European

By campodegelo

Then one day I decided to leave Brazil.

With the backpack I decided to venture, to look for something different, to find the unexpected, but it had not touched me that in others’ lands I was the unknown.

With each question I asked, 2 enquiries came back.

– But your skin color? You’re kind of white to be Brazilian, aren’t you?

Of all, this is the preferred one.

Yes, there are many black people, mulattos, indigenous people, but there are also huge numbers of descendants of Japanese, German, Italian, Polish, Lebanese and so on. To illustrate in more detail, there are more descendants of Lebanese in Brazil than the population of Lebanon. The second largest Oktoberfest in the world is in Brazil. Curitiba is the second city in the world with more Poles outside of Poland. The largest Japanese colony is found there as well. And so it goes.

In fact, it is practically impossible to recognize a Brazilian just by the face. It is even said that the Brazilian passport is one of the favorites for theft, because every face can be of this nation.

– It must be difficult for you to face these low temperatures, specially that you come from Brazil!

Firstly I have to explain the size of this country, which could perfectly be a continent. Almost all European countries would fit within this South American territory. So imagine the temperature difference that there may be.

Okay, there are no blizzards and blazing temperatures, but Curitiba (my homeland) will offer you less sunny days than London and can receive you with 0 ° C.

– But 0 ° C is not so cold – says the European.

Try to live at that temperature without a proper heating system. That is, what you feel out there is the same as inside.

Well, our 0 ° C is worse than the -10 ° C of the old continent. But in the great majority the temperatures are much better.

Also due to the great territorial extension is not so trivial to visit the Amazon, even more if you live in the other extreme of the country.

There are no passenger trains, and the airline connections are not the best (or at least not the cheapest), which is a shame.

I myself would like to (and I know that one day I will) visit all the corners of this country, which has its unique cultural peculiarities in each state.

– What about favorite hobbies?

Play soccer, fight capoeira, dance a bit of samba and drink caipirinha?

Yes, there are many people practicing these activities, but they are not unanimous. I have many friends who are not interested in football, I never played capoeira, I don’t know how to dance samba properly (although I like a good samba), and a moment of abstraction, take a deep breath: I do not like carnival.

At least not the reigning image of this event in the foreign mind. The parades full of ornaments, the rhythmic songs and the crazy “foliões” following the cars with music, do not captivate me.

– Where are you from Brazil?
– Curitiba.
– I’ve never heard of it.

It seems that the country is all divided between Rio and São Paulo. Many will not know what our capital is, and surprisingly, not even which language we speak.

– Do you speak Brazilian and what else?

I say it loudly, yes!

In a German class I was approached by the teacher:
– Please keep your voice low. I know it’s hard for Brazilians, but we will not disturb the other rooms.

It is involuntary, warmer blood makes us express with our hands, with high speech and contact too.

Greet someone from the opposite sex for the first time with a kiss on the cheek or hug?

Not very well seen in some places. A handshake might be more appropriate, but who said I want to follow the etiquette?

Let’s hug more! The world needs that!

With much patience, affection, smile on the face and good doses of fun, we will show you what Brazil is made of!

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3 thoughts on “The Brazilians by an European

  • Gabriela Machado October 18, 2017 at 09:37 Reply

    Suuuper me identifiquei nesse post!!!
    “you don’t look brazilian…” – Well… how do brazilians look like?
    Temperatura, hábitos, falar alto, gesticular… é isso aí compadi!

  • Mariana CN October 21, 2017 at 23:09 Reply

    As ambassador of Brazilian culture, you seem able to transmit a little better, and in a lucid way, what the Brazilian people are! the world needs more open-minded people like this!

    • campodegelo October 27, 2017 at 17:04 Reply

      Let’s open the mind of these boring people around =P

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