Things money can’t buy

By campodegelo

I may sound crazy but I have to say that I feel uncomfortable with the service of more refined hotels or restaurants. I think it’s all false, driven in most cases by money and half-hearted smiles.
Since my childhood I have learned at home that I should help with household chores. To put take the table, to wash the dishes, to help prepare the lunch and anything that would come in handy.
And that was reflected in my future.

Returning to the present, after the police episode in Zurich, I met Luca, a Swiss who shared the room with me in South Korea. On that day the ride and the tour were on him. The destination was Lucerne, a city that made me wonder: am I in Switzerland or in China?
The amount of Orientals with their cameras, umbrellas and willingness to photograph is immense, but not enough to take away the glitz and charm of the small town surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes.

One more couchsurfing found and this time the host was Georg, a Swiss who works in restaurants and loves to flatter those in his apartment, and that night an Australian couple and I were the chosen ones. The dinner would be elaborated by him and the main course would be something of the lower class in former times, and of the current nobility in certain places: fondue and Rösti.
Free stay, excellent meal, wines and beers, and the certainty that all was done with the greatest good deed and affection. Everyone helped to prepare the food and wash the dishes after the end.

The next day I would be standing my feet and thumb on the road. A sign indicating Bern and another Thun (the final destination) were made. It was difficult to find a place to stay in those cities, but I decided to leave anyway, and in the worst case I would have to put my tent in the middle of some wilder woods. Until the nice, fun and friendly soul of Denise decides to change her plans. Returning from the holidays in France, she needed some time alone, but she decided to help me in this endeavor.
I say there are more good people than bad people in the world!

5 hours, 4 rides, and only 140km later, and there was Thun, a city of only 40,000 inhabitants, but an incomparable beauty. Rivers, lakes, mountains with everlasting snow. Even a river with a current for surfing.
I have a certain ritual at the end of a successful day: tasting a cold beer. And I was already in search of a place to buy it, when I am approached by two surfers who were curious with the flags in my backpack. When telling my story of hitchhikers and motivations, their pupils jump in amazement and quickly a beer was offered.

Another totally genuine action for a stranger.
I chatted fast with my new friends and walked to meet my new hostess, Denise, the person I did not even know but already considered a lot.
MasterCard was right: there are things money can’t buy!

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