A flashback combined with a coincidence of (an amazing) life.
I briefly mentioned the name of the girls who hosted us in Bern, but I have something more to add now.
Lia Zehnder, Simone, Lea and Sheena are awesome by their hospitality, by how we played some games and shared a dinner, but I could never expect what happened when Lia added me on Facebook. We already had 2 friends in common, and they are simply the (stupid) Polish ones who traveled with me in Asia.
So, you travel in Vietnam, meet some random Poles, hitchhike and stick to them for more than one month, then months later you go to Switzerland, get a host in Bern, who just stayed by one of them in Gdansk, Poland, some weeks before.
What are the odds? Well, in my life they are quite high.

Coming back to the present.
From Bern I would go to the United Nations habitat, Geneva, situated by the lake with the same name. I may be spontaneous and really not well organized when it comes to planning, but the night before a hitchhiking day is full of couchsurfing requests sent, checks of maps and mental preparation.
The ride to Geneva was easy with a nice guy who used to be a guitar player in some bands, but gave up on his dreams to have a more stable life and be more close to his young son.
Our accommodation was not that complicated to find neither.

Catarina Carneiro had a nice profile on Couchsurfing, also she is Portuguese, but it was written that she accepts just one person, and Fernanda and I were still together.
Well, why not asking? The negative answer is already with you, so how worst can it get?
And there we go, she accepted us, and how amazing it was. She waited us with a tunna tort, put some Brazilian songs, and has a charming and captivating smile and way of thinking. Furthermore she has a plan of traveling the world for one year or more, starting in Australia and basically going to countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

The weather was not the best but it did not hold us, neither her, at home, and during her lunch break from work she even showed us around.
Fernanda had to go back to Karlsruhe, as she is heading back home, and I was back on the road, this time leaving the amazing world of chocolate, expensive watches, and good cheese, to enter France. Destination Lyon.
Hitchwiki showed me the way, but walking by the road didn’t seem promising. The alternative was going through a small forest by the main motorway.
Cross the border of two countries by a forest? Check!
Jump the fences to go back to highway? Check!
Be noticed by the French Police? Check!
But they were nice, just asking if I had drugs, my story and advising me to go some meters back otherwise I would not get a ride to France. After some minutes on the place the Policeman told me, a young French going back home stops and picks me up.
Viva la France!

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