Myanmar. Burma. Birmânia.
Call it the way you prefer, but have in mind that here you are going to find awesomeness everywhere.
After joining forces with 3 French, we headed to a Buddhist temple inside a cave.

With 2 motorbikes we cover the rough roads and got amazed by the beautiful landscape surrounding us. Mountains, rice fields, dust and smiles. After some caves and temples, we headed to a local village, trying to search for some food, but we got the wrong way.

Hungry, sweating and lost we heard a loud music, it was coming from the other side of the field, and it could be anything, from a rave party to a huge celebration, and there we go: a burmese wedding.

In front of the place, a guy approached us and invited to join. Free food he said.
What happened then was an overdose of smiles, crazy dances and happiness all around.
Old ladies pushing me to dance, pictures were taken everywhere, people were so happy to have us there. 

All children and teachers from the local village joined the feast too. It is indescribable the amount of မဂဿလာပၝ (min-ga-la-ba), or “hi” said while driving in the countryside. 

The local people are amazing. With Thanaka (a yellowish-white cosmetic paste) on their faces, everyone is so curious and without second intentions, that you do not believe you come from the same world.

With a broken heart we had to leave.

The journey was long, and it would take us to different caves, rivers, lakes, more fields and mountains. Everything so genuine and authentic.

To finish the day we decided to go to another cave, the Bat one.

Unfortunately we had to continue our journey later, bringing us to more caves, rice fields and mountains, ending the day in a Bat Cave, where daily millions bats leave after the sunset, to seek their aliment. 

People told us that during the sunset millions of bats would leave the cave, seeking food, but what we saw was even more impressive than our imagination.

Kids were playing some sort of drums, making the bats to move like a wave, and it lasted for more than 20 minutes.

Myanmar, thank you for having me here.


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  • Emily Fata October 9, 2017 at 22:11 Reply

    Wow! This seems like it was such an incredible experience — definitely one to remember for the rest of your life! This has convinced me that Mayanmar is a place I need to visit soon. ☺️

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